STIHL 4523-011-5974 BGA 57 36V Li-Ion Cordless Battery Blower AK 20 Kit



The BGA 57 delivers powerful STIHL performance combined with great control and comfortable operation. It’s compact and effective at clearing leaves and other yard debris. A slim design and even weight distribution allow the blower to be held close to the user’s body, keeping fatigue to a minimum while maximizing maneuverability.

The BGA 57 is the ideal choice for homeowners to care for their yard, deck, pavement, driveway and more.


  • Symmetrical trigger lockout that allows users to easily start the unit with either the left or right hand
  • Rubberized handle for comfortable grip
  • Blower tube with easy three length adjustments to suit different user heights


  • Voltage (V): 36
  • Battery Platform: AK
  • Weight (kg): 2.3
  • Max. airspeed (m/s): 55
  • Battery life time AK 10 (min): up to 10
  • Battery life time AK 20 (min): up to 22
  • Battery life time AK 30 (min): up to 27


  • AK 20 Battery
    • Lithium-ion battery for the AK Battery power system with a voltage of 36V and a capacity of 108 Wh.
    • Battery life depends on the device type.
    • With charge level indicator (LED).
    • Compatible with AL 101, AL 100, AL 300 and AL 500 chargers
  • AL 101 Charger
    • Voltage (V): 230
    • Compatible with STIHL 36V AP and 36V AK batteries.
    • With charge level indicator (LED).
    • Cord wrap with velcro.
    • Wall mounting possible.