STIHL BGA 45 Integrated Li-Ion Battery Blower (4513-011-5904)




The STIHL BGA 45 battery blower is very handy and always quickly ready for use. Weighing just 2.2 kg,this lightweight device is easy to manoeuvre for private users. Whenever you want to remove dry leaves or light dirt, this compact battery-powered leaf blower offers fast assistance for small spaces, even in residential areas. The STIHL BGA 45 quiet blower is quiet enough to be used for work in noise-sensitive areas. Its soft handle helps you to hold the compact and ergonomically designed STIHL BGA 45 securely. The trigger switch and a trigger lockout are integrated into the handle.

The integrated lithium-ion battery from the STIHL AI-Line allows for quick and easy handling when removing leaves or light cuttings. This compact battery leaf blower can be used to quickly dispose of leaves. The charge-level indicator on the STIHL BGA 45 blower quickly shows you when the battery needs charging. A charging cable is supplied for charging the battery.

You can check how long you can work with your STIHL BGA 45 and how long the integrated battery takes to charge in our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times.

The BGA 45 battery blower is equipped with an activation key. This must be inserted into the key socket to operate the device and must be removed during transport, maintenance, repair and storage, for safety reasons. You should keep the activation key out of the reach of children. Further information can be found in the manual.


  • Integrated lithium-ion battery with charge-level indicator and charging cable
  • Manoeuvrable battery blower for small gardens, front gardens and yards
  • For fast and efficient cleaning of leaves and debris from smaller areas
  • User comfort enhanced by soft handle and two-handed control device with control lever lock


  • Rated voltage: 18 V
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Blowing force: 5 N
  • Max. air velocity 44 m/s
  • Air throughput: 420 m³/h
  • Battery life up to: 10 min (approx.)
  • Degree of protection: EN 60 529 IP20