STIHL FS 70 R 0.9kW Brushcutter Grass Trimmer (4144-200-0213)




Extremely robust 0.9 kW brushcutter with all-round grip and 2-MIX engine. Optional Grass cutting blade 4-winged for large-scale mowing in tough grass. Also for thinner bushes or reeds.

Tool comes with an AutoCut 25-2 head on it as standard.


  • STIHL 2-MIX Engine
    The 2-MIX engine features an advanced stratified charge system that boosts power, whilst reducing consumption and pollution, significantly lowering unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust. The result is a cleaner, more fuel efficient engine.
  • Simplified starting system
    Simply Set the choke, pump the fuel primer, pull the starter cord and away you go! The running machine then switches off after a brief press of the stop button. Once the machine is at a standstill, the ignition activates again automatically. Thus the ignition is always ready for starting.
  • Loop handle (R)
    The loop handled grass trimmers and brushcutters are ideal for working in areas where space is limited, e.g. thinning between bushes and shrubs.
  • Multi function handle
    All the engine controls are at your fingertips, allowing easy and safe operation.


  • Displacement (cm³): 27.2
  • Power output (kW/hp): 0.9/1.2
  • Weight (kg): 4.7
  • Standard Cutter Blades: GSB 230-2
  • Power output (kW): 0.9
  • Mowing Head Type: Mowing head AutoCut 25-2
  • Weight (kg): 4.7
  • Sound pressure level with plastic tool (dB(A)): 94
  • Sound power level (dB(A)): 108
  • Total length (cm): 1.700
  • Tank volume (mL): 340