Soudal 134507 Activator Spray 601 Adhesion Promoter 500mL




Activator Spray 601 is a colorless, ready-to use, quick-drying adhesion promoter for powder coated aluminium. This both for regular as for textured powder coatings. On difficult substrates Activator Spray 601 considerably improves the adhesion of various sealants and adhesives.


  • Improves the adhesion of various hybrid (MS, SMX) and silicone based adhesives, sealants and tapes
  • Fast drying process.
  • Dries transparently
  • Does not leave a white residue
  • Ready to use and very user friendly
  • Good adhesion to many materials
  • Low consumption
  • Doesn’t contain toluene- and methylenechloride


  • Improving the adhesion on powder coated aluminum (window profiles), both for regular as for textured powder coatings.
  • Improving the adhesion on various plastics: PVC, ABS, PP