Soudal 127329 Swipex Hand Cleaner 1 Litre


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Swipex Hand Cleaner is the perfect hand cleaner to remove all kinds of dirt from your hands. It has a red colour and granular texture to scrub the dirt away. It has been specially developed to gently and easily remove uncured sealants, PU Foam and adhesives. In this way, the Swipex Hand Cleaner is different from other hand cleaners on the market as it is specially designed for people using Soudal products. Of course, the Swipex Hand Cleaner can be also used for other kinds of dirt like paint, oil or grease. Additional to its cleaning properties, the Swipex Hand Cleaner contains Sericin to soften and protect the hands. It comes in a 1L bottle with integrated hand pump and is ready to use.


  • Suitable for cleaning of hands
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Contains skin caring products
  • Contains abrasive microgranules
  • Effective in removing sealants/adhesives


  • Suitable for cleaning of hands
  • Effective in removing sealants/adhesives