Powers PTR230 RIDGEBACK 230mm (9″) Turbo Rim Diamond Blade





  • Long life Multi purpose blade in non abrasive material
  • Directional arrows cut into disk for permanent direction identification
  • Raised centre arbor for superior strength and positive better grip behind flanges.
  • More cooling holes to aid cooling of blade, prevents warping and helps achieve better performance.
  • 12mm high segment on 9”/230mm blade
  • 10mm high segment on 4/4.5/5 blade
  • Higher concentration of quality diamonds for faster cutting and longer life
  • Press fit bore resize brushes
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Suitable for Cured Concrete / Reinforced, Clay Bricks, Granite, Steel Pipe / Tube, Terracotta Roof Tiles, Bluestone, and  Hebel Block


  • Diameter (mm/inch): 230/9
  • Bore Size (mm): 22.2/25.4