Milwaukee 48408224 305mm (12″) 80T Wood Fine Finish Circular Saw Blade




Fine Finish blades are designed for a high quality finish with minimal cost to cutting speed. Milwaukee Fine Finish blades include Anti-Friction Coating, Cobalt Infused Carbide teeth, Laser Cut Technology as well as an ATB tooth pattern for a cleaner, more accurate cut.


  • 3 x Reduction Rings
  • 20mm, 25mm & 1″


  • Universal arbor system: Large arbor size with reduction rings included in packaging to suit multiple brands.
  • Cobalt infused Tungsten Carbide teeth designed to maintain tip sharpness
  • Laser cut technology creates vibration slots that are designed to increased accuracy by reducing wobble and warping
  • Anti-friction coating is designed to reduce the heat transfer to the blade
  • Corrosion and gumming resistance
  • ATB Tooth Pattern with alternating teeth angles to produce a smoother, more accurate cut.


  • Blade diameter: 305mm
  • Arbor Size: 30mm
  • Teeth: 80
  • Max Speed: 6,000RPM
  • Weight: 1.5kg