Festool 576809 CTH 26L H-Class Dust Extractor




The 26 litre Festool special application dust extractor is your only answer for safe, efficient hazardous dust removal. Asbestos, mould, fibrous mineral dust, lead, cadmium, nickel, zinc chromate – the carcinogenic and pathogenic dust doesn’t stand a chance. With the high power suction turbine and a 99.995% degree of filtration there is no danger to health. The two layer safety filter bag prevents contact with the dust when disposing of the bag. Approved for dust class H.


  • Safe dust removal
    Festool’s CTH provides maximum safety in the case of carcinogenic and pathogenic dusts such as lead, cadmium, nickel and zinc chromate.
  • High suction power
    Super strong and yet super small, the high power turbine provides considerable higher suction power but takes up very little room.
  • Maximum utilisation
    The flat filter design allows the filter bag to unfold easily and expand to use almost 100% of its capacity. Hold more dust in a more compact extractor.
  • Safety sealed
    The two layer safety filter bag prevents contact with the harmful dust when disposing of the bag.
  • Customise for your needs
    Every extractor can be fitted with add on modules to suit different requirements including air modules, power socket with continuous current and EAA module.


  • For carcinogenic and pathogenic dust
  • Flexible and clean in the workshop and on-site thanks to compact design
  • Integral automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for extraction from electric power tools
  • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction


  • Maximum Airflow (litres per minute): 3900.00 l/min
  • Maximum Vacuum (Pa): 24000.00 Pa
  • Filter Surface Area (cm2): 6318.00 cm²
  • Container/Filter Bag Capacity (litres): 26/24 l
  • Power Consumption (W or kW): 350 – 1000 W
  • Auto Clean Function (Yes/No): No
  • Dust Approval Rating: Dust Class H – high risk dust such as carcinogenic or pathogen contaminated dust
  • Mains Cable: Rubber Insulated
  • Mains Cable Length (m): 7.50 m
  • Dimensions – L x W x H (mm): 630 x 365 x 540 mm
  • Weight (kg): 13.90 kg