Festool 204853 Systainer3 Medium 89x396mm 22-Compartment Organiser





The new Systainer³ generation enables you to be more mobile than ever before. Festool, TANOS and bott have collaboratively developed a mobility system that brings the workshop and the construction site closer together.


  • Variable separation
    Small parts can be sorted individually thanks to plastic containers in seven different sizes.
  • Perfectly organised
    The labelling panels on the plastic containers ensure improved organisation and an overview.
  • A tidy storage system
    Organizer units can be connected to each other, to Systainer units and to many other system accessories.
  • An organised clear view
    Thanks to the transparent lid, you can find the right accessories at a glance.
  • Ergonomic transportation
    The front carrying handle allows for ergonomic carrying close to the body.


  • Can be connected to one another and to different generations
  • Compatible with transport systems and mobile dust extractors
  • Enable organisation, an overview and professional appearance