Fein 71700261060 AKBU 35 PMQW Select 35mm Magnetic Core Drill 5.2Ah Set




Small and powerful single-speed cordless universal magnetic core drill with forward/reverse running, MT2 tool mounting, permanent magnet and maximum functionality for mobile working on the construction site.


  • Extremely low-wear tool design with swivel-mounted motor cable protection hose for tough use in industry and manual trades.
  • Small and light tool for continuously good work progress thanks to brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor with tacho electronics and FEIN HighPower storage battery with cells with high current capability.
  • Flexibility for all mobile drilling work, such as core drilling, twist drilling, tapping, countersinking and reaming.
  • Simple operating concept avoids mix-ups and can be clearly seen by the user.
  • Convenient magnetic holding force display.
  • Tilt sensor.
  • Reversible.
  • Electronic speed setting.
  • Extra large stroke range.
  • MT2 tool mounting.
  • Extra narrow permanent magnet with magnetic bias.
  • Speed saving “memory function”.
  • The battery charge can be read off the battery.
  • FEIN SafetyCell technology. Protects the battery and tool from overload, overheating and total discharge.


  • Battery voltage: 18 V
  • Motor: brushless
  • Tool Holder: MK 2
  • Twist drill max. Ø: 18mm
  • Core drill, drilling depth max: 50 (75 – using 75mm Bits)
  • Tapping max: M 14
  • Reaming max. : 18mm
  • Carbide core drill bit max. diameter: 35 mm
  • HSS core drill max. : 35 mm
  • Core drill holder: 3/4 in Weldon
  • Changing the core bit: tool-free
  • Stroke: 135mm
  • Total stroke range: 260 mm
  • Magnetic holding power: 9 000 N
  • Magnetic foot dimensions: 195 x 70 mm
  • Weight without battery: 12.10 kg


  • Coolant Pump
  • Lashing Strap
  • Swarf hook
  • Centering Pin
  • Contact Guard
  • Drift Key
  • Case

Fein 18V 5.2AH HighPower Battery 92604179020


  • HighPower Li-ion battery with cells capable of handling high currents, charge status indicator and FEIN SafetyCell technology.
  • Continually high power output with 75% higher current rating than a Li-ion battery.
  • Recommended for FEIN cordless magnetic core drills and cordless angle grinders.
  • Can be used with all FEIN 18 V cordless tools.


  • Voltage (V): 18
  • Capacity (Ah): 5.2

Fein 12-18V Rapid Battery Charger ALG 50 92604129010


  • For all FEIN Li-ion batteries. Charge time from 35 min.