Bahco S4RM/5T 5-Piece 4-in-1 Ratcheting Ring Spanner Set




The Bahco S4RM ratcheting spanners are made from top-quality forged steel, nickel and chrome plated in a matt finish for a smooth and secure grip. Easy to use, these spanners simply grip the nut or bolt being removed or tightened, the ratcheting spanner heads are sized either side of each spanner for the desired size of nut or bolt, just push the direction lever to remove or tighten the nut or bolt with a ratchet action. They are an ideal option for motor mechanics, as these spanners cover 2 sizes at each end and can be used in awkward places and minimal movement is required to use them. This Bahco Reversible Ratchet Spanner Set comprises of 4 spanners covering 16 sizes. Supplied in a fabric carry case with belt loop for easy transportation and storage.


  • Switch for quick change of right and left direction
  • 12-point Dynamic-Drive™ profile provides longer life for screws and nuts
  • Chrome plated matte finishing provides high quality anti-rust protection
  • High-performance alloy steel
  • Four sizes per wrench, one wrench is useful for four screw sizes
  • Easier to use in confined spaces with 5° operating angle
  • Available in practical pouch to carry on your belt


  • 8 x 9 x 10 x 11mm
  • 12 x 13 x 14 x 15mm
  • 16 x 17 x 18 x 19mm
  • 21 x 22 x 24 x 27mm
  • 30 x 32 x 34 x 36mm


  • Weight: 4.2kg