Bahco 3857 Easy-Cut Bandsaw Blade



Easy-Cut Bandsaw Blades with Portaband


  • Specially design for cutting ferrous, non-ferrous materials, solids, pipes, profiles or bundles
  • New and unique, innovative tooth design, which allows a much wider operating range than a conventional tooth type
  • The same blade will cut a much wider range of materials and shapes
  • Just choose the blade according to your work-piece size


3857-13-0.6-EZ-L 13 mm 0,6 mm L EZ
3857-13-0.6-EZ-M 13 mm 0,6 mm M EZ
3857-13-0.6-EZ-S 13 mm 0,6 mm S EZ
3857-20-0.9-EZ-L 20 mm 0,9 mm L EZ
3857-20-0.9-EZ-M 20 mm 0,9 mm M EZ
3857-20-0.9-EZ-S 20 mm 0,9 mm S EZ
3857-27-0.9-EZ-L 27 mm 0,9 mm L EZ
3857-27-0.9-EZ-M 27 mm 0,9 mm M EZ
3857-27-0.9-EZ-S 27 mm 0,9 mm S EZ
3857-34-1.1-EZ-L 34 mm 1,1 mm L EZ
3857-34-1.1-EZ-M 34 mm 1,1 mm M EZ
3857-34-1.1-EZ-S 34 mm 1,1 mm S EZ