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FISHER Zykon anchor FZA

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Approved for:

* Cracked and non-cracked concrete B25 to B55 resp. C20/25 to C50/60

Also suitable for:

* Concrete B15 resp. C12/15
* Natural stone with dense structure
* Solid brick
* Solid sand-lime brick

For fixing of:

* Steel constructions
* Railings
* Consoles
* Ladders
* Cable trays
* Machines
* Staircases
* Gates
* Facades
* Window elements


* Undercut anchor for pre-positioned (FZA bolt version and Iinternally-threaded anchor FZA-I) and push-through installation (FZA-D bolt version).
* A cylindrical conical hole with an undercut is produced with the drill bit FZUB in one work process.
* When setting the anchor, the anchor sleeve is driven over the cone with a hammer (or setting tool) and fills the undercut hole with a positive fit.
* Also available: special version FZA ST A4 for hot step irons according to DIN V 1211 GS / 1212 GS.
* Stainless steel version of the corrosion resistance class III e.g. A4 for outdoor use and in damp conditions. Highly corrosion-resistant steel of the corrosion resistance clas IV e.g. 1.4529 for applications in aggressive atmospheres.


* Positive fit in the undercut gives additional safety.
* Virtually expansion-free operation allows cost-efficient fixing with very small edge distances and axial spacings.
* Single-step drilling process simultaneously produces the undercut, saving installation time.
* Immediate load-bearing capability avoids installation interruptions (no interruption for resin curing times, unlike chemical anchors).
* Simple visual control of the green ring mark ensures 100% function.
* Anchor version with internal thread for high flexibility by using threaded rods or screws of different lengths and type.

  • Model: Zykon anchor FZA

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