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FISCHER Anchor bolt setting tool

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Suitable for:

* The installation of all fischer anchor bolts (FAZ II, FBN and EXA), diameter M 6 to M 12.

Areas of application:

* Ceiling suspension
* Installation in series
* Painted railings
* Attachment points where access is difficult


* Especially suitable for the efficient installation in series of larger numbers of fischer and Upat anchor bolts.
* The tool is simply clamped into a standard SDS Plus hammer drill and is perfect for hammering the anchor into the hole. This greatly simplifies the installation process when working overhead.
* FABS can also be used for fixing previously painted objects, (e.g. railings) because the recess at its tip prevents it from slipping and causing damage to the surface.


* Efficient installation of all fischer and Upat anchor bolts.
* Ergonomic design, saves time and energy.
* Universally usable for M 6 to M 12.

  • Model: FABS

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 11 February, 2010.