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Chemical Fixings

FISCHER Injection mortar FIS VS 100 P

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Approved for:

* Non-cracked concrete
* Solid brick
* Solid sand-lime brick
* Solid block made from lightweigth concrete
* Aircrete
* Vertical perforated brick
* Perforated sand-lime brick
* Slabs made of bricks, concrete blocks, etc.
* Hollow blocks
* Porous lightweight concrete

Also suitable for:

* Prestressed hollow-core concrete slabs
* Hollow-core slabs made of solid material

For fixing of:

* Steel constructions
* Railings
* Hand-rails
* Consoles
* Ladders
* Cable trays
* Machines
* Awnings
* Staircases
* High-racks
* Gates
* Facades
* Window elements
* High racks
* Canopies
* Stand-off installations


The fischer Injection system FIS VS contains a styrene free, high quality hybrid resin mortar, which is characterised by its universal suitability for many applications and also by its longer gelling time. It anchors safe and without expansion pressure in almost all building materials, even there where problems previously existed. The 2 components are safely mixed together inside the static mixer. A simple exchange of the static mixer allows the renewed use of cartridges after they have been opened. FIS VS 150 C can be extruded from the cartridge with a conventional sealant gun. For FIS VS 100 P there¿s no silicone gun required. You just have to screw in the plunger by hand.


* High-performance hybrid resin mortar
* Suitable for nearly all substrates
* Longer gelling time
* Requires low application pressure
* Environmentally friendly
* Expansion-free anchoring
* No separate mixing required
* FIS VS 150 C: can be extruded from the cartridge with conventional sealant gun
* FIS VS 100 P: no silicone gun required. Extruding simply by hand with the plunger!

  • Model: FIS VS 100 P

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