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Concrete Cutting & Drilling

Husqvarna FS 4000 E Road Saw

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The Husqvarna FS 4000 E is the ideal saw for high production indoor sawing. This saw is powerful and compact, with 40 hp The FS 4000 E is useful in a wide range of applications. Blade guard sizes range from 350 mm to 914 mm. This saw incorporates high quality components for long service life.

• Softstart feature gives a controlled start and reduces the current spike.
• Two-position handle bar for operator comfort.
• The compact one-piece unibody frame (with a jig-welded reinforced plate chassis) allows passage through a 914 mm doorway.
• Emergency stop switch shuts off power to the 12-volt system and electric motor control circuit.
• 40 hp Lincoln motors features a “Multiguard Encapsulated Open Drip Proof Motor”. The stator windings are encapsulated by a hot pressure extrusion process that provides extra protection for the motor against moisture, abrasive dirt, chemicals and excessive vibration.
• The 40 hp motor draws 50 amps at full load.
• 200 fpm maximum travel speed.
• Slip-on blade guard with MAGNALOCK™ quick-disconnect blade flanges.
• Two-position handle bar for operator comfort.
• Emergency stop switch shuts off the power to the 12-volt system, and to the electric motor control circuit.
• Available with SoftStart only.kg.

  • Model: FS 4000 E
  • Manufactured by: Husqvarna

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 18 February, 2010.